Who We Are

mimineko is an indie design house for gaming setup accessories. We aim to bring you the joy of self-expression through all of our designs, starting with our newest line of attachable cat ears.

Whether you’re midnight gaming or wearing cat ears to work, we encourage you to be true to yourself through every step of life. May you enjoy showing off our designs as much as we enjoyed crafting every little detail of them!

All mimineko designs were brought to life in sunny California. ♡


Hey guys, my name’s Celestia! I’m the designer behind everything here. I created mimineko's cat ear designs beginning with a sketchbook and an idea, inspired by the anime conventions I attend yearly.

I sketched out my designs and decided on measurements, then actualized them through three rounds of prototyping where I tweaked minuscule details about my designs to eventually get them exactly right. My drawings came to life into the cat ears you see on mimineko's website today!

The spirit of conventions is in the endless level of self-expression and ridiculousness that happens every year. After cons were put on pause during quarantine, I wanted to create designs that would make the feeling of self-expression more accessible to everyone, and bring a little light to what was a dark time for many. I basically brute-forced a design studio out of saving pennies where I could, pushing through night shifts at second jobs, and figuring things out along the way.

The feeling of expressing yourself is integral when it comes to your happiness, and mimineko’s designs are meant to bring you one step closer to this feeling! We’ve created the best designs on the planet so you can remain true to yourself and your own sense of expression, for years to come.


Celeste Fleurs is a multitalented animator and creator from the UK!

She's one of the top 100 people leading the digital industry for 2021, honoured by the British Interactive Media Association.

Celeste's content focuses on technology and gaming, making these areas more entertaining to increase accessibility towards girls, and anyone who identifies with the 'cute, pastel' themes.

Celeste aims to bridge the gap that can make technology feel out of reach for these audiences. Her goal is to create media that is fun to make and entertaining to watch—in contrast to the male demographic that tech is usually geared towards.

She has inspired countless builds from those who follow her on social media, which she hosts in a story highlight on her Instagram!

As mimineko's Brand Consultant and Executive Partner, Celeste works together with the founder of the company to help grow the business online. She adores everything about mimineko, and believes firmly that their brand values align perfectly!

Celeste & Celestia work on social media marketing, promotional material, and graphic design elements hand-in-hand!